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Address: Zeestraat 93  4761HH  Zevenbergen (NL)               Phone: +31 (0) 168324969                 Mobile: +31 (0) 618763763                  KvK: 64976041





Address: Zeestraat 93  4761HH  Zevenbergen (NL)               Phone: +31 (0) 168324969                 Mobile: +31 (0) 618763763



DWAT is an independent engineering company specialised in consultancy of construction products used in the outer and inner skin of all types of buildings.    Given the new directives on Energy Performance, the coming years will be appealed to the combination of knowledge on (certified) building products applied in accordance with the (European) regulations in (energy efficient) buildings. Because an even larger part of the responsibility will be shifted to the General contractor, the theory will also have to be put into practice. Their knowledge and experience, both theoretically and practically enables DWAT to react and adopt quickly and flexibly to these replica rolex developments. Several manufacturers already use our > 25 years of knowledge and experience and are supported by DWAT when entering the market, both technically and commercially. And that as an independent reflective mirror, where we do not hesitate to give our view on your specific situation!


Are you looking for a pragmatic solution for your problem, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible. For a correct approach of your questions  we ask you to describe as clearly as possible the 'problem'.


This site gives you an idea of how we deal with typical building parts as flat and pitched roofs, closed or open façades, floors and interior walls, including special and complex building shapes. We can also advise on areas of improvement of Energy Performance (Energy label) and we provide exact replica watches EPA customised advice. Not words but deeds you may expect from DWAT as an independent, honest and discreet partner.